Sariiox’s Net worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Are you curious to know who Sariiox status, and family? Well, if you’re a fan of the TikTok star Sariiox, you’ve come to the right place! Sariiox is a popular social media influencer and content creator. She was born in September 8, 2003.

She made her TikTok debut in February 2020 and has since amassed a huge fanbase. Her videos are full of energy, fun, and entertainment. With her engaging and captivating personality, Sariiox has become a well-known figure on TikTok.

Who is Sariiox?

Sariiox is an amazing TikTok star who has captured the hearts of millions with her entertaining videos. She is a social media influencer and content creator who knows how to bring fun and excitement to her followers. Sariiox is energetic, and her videos always leave you wanting more.

She was born in September 8, 2003, With her captivating personality, she has become a well-known figure on TikTok. Kids and adults love her content and can’t get enough of her. Whether dancing, lip-syncing, or doing challenges, Sariiox knows how to keep her audience engaged and entertained.


Real Name Sari
Famous As Sariixo
Date of Birth September 8, 2003
Age 20 years old (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, United States
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Peruvian
Occupation TikTok Star, Content Creator, Model
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurements 32-24-34 inches (81-61-86 cm)
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Boyfriend Name Not Disclosed
Family Names Not Known
Net Worth $500K (estimated)

Sariiox  Early Life and Education

Sariiox had a normal childhood. She was born and raised in a small town and grew up with a loving family. Her parents always encouraged her to pursue her dreams and supported her in everything she did.

Sariiox attended a local school and was an excellent student. She was interested in performing arts and was involved in school plays and dance recitals. She always had a passion for entertaining people and making them smile.

As she grew older, Sariiox knew she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She worked hard and dedicated herself to honing her skills, eventually leading her to TikTok’s world.

Sariiox  parents and siblings

Sariiox comes from a loving and supportive family. She has a great bond with her parents, who have always encouraged her to chase her dreams. Sariiox also has siblings who are her biggest cheerleaders. They are always there for her, supporting her in everything she does.

They have created many beautiful memories and share a strong connection as a family. Sariiox’s parents and siblings are proud of her accomplishments and are always by her side, cheering her on. Their love and support have played a significant role in Sariiox’s journey to success.

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Sariiox Boyfriend

Sariiox is currently focused on her career and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is a young and talented TikTok star dedicated to entertaining her audience with her amazing videos.

Sariiox is focused on spreading positivity and joy through her content and is determined to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. While she may not have a boyfriend right now, she is surrounded by the love and support of her family, friends, and fans who appreciate her talent and energy.


Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Sariiox is a young and vibrant TikTok star, and kids can’t get enough of her energetic and entertaining videos!  She was born in September 8, 2003. While we don’t have specific details about Her weight about 110 lbs (50 kg) or height of 5 feet 2 inches. we know that Sariiox has an infectious personality that shines through in every video.

With her captivating smile and lively presence, she captures the hearts of her audience and leaves them wanting more. So, whether you’re a kid or an adult, Sariiox’s age, weight, and height don’t matter – her incredible talent and joyful spirit make her truly special.

Sariiox Before fame

Before Sariiox became a TikTok sensation, she was like any other kid with big dreams. She started her TikTok journey in February 2020 and quickly gained a following.

But before fame, she was a regular girl from a small town who loved making people smile. As she participated in school plays and dance recitals, Sariiox’s passion for entertaining people began when she was young.

Her family always supported her dreams, and that encouragement helped her to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. With hard work and dedication, Sariiox’s talent shone through, and she became the TikTok star we know and love today.

Sariiox career

Sariiox’s career as a TikTok star has been nothing short of amazing. She started her TikTok journey in February 2020, and her videos quickly gained attention and a huge following. With her entertaining content and infectious personality, Sariiox has become a favorite among kids and adults.

Her videos range from dancing and lip-syncing to fun challenges that keep her audience engaged and entertained. Sariiox’s talent and hard work have helped her gain fame and success in the entertainment industry.

She continues to create amazing content and spread joy through her videos, making her a beloved figure on TikTok.

Sariiox Philanthropy and Charity Work

Sariox is not only a talented TikTok star, but she also has a big heart! She believes in giving back to the community and positively impacting the world. Sariox actively participates in various philanthropic and charity endeavors.

Whether fundraising for important causes, volunteering her time, or using her platform to raise awareness about social issues, Sariiox is dedicated to making a difference.

She understands the importance of kindness and compassion and inspires her young fans to do the same. She is a true role model who shows us that we can all make a difference, no matter how small.


Sariiox Net Worth and Achievements

Sariox has achieved great success as a TikTok star, but it’s important to remember that her value goes far beyond just her net worth of $500K (estimated). She has touched the lives of millions with her entertaining and positive content.

Sariiox’s achievements can be seen in her millions of followers, her impact on her fans, and the recognition she has received in the entertainment industry.

Her talent and hard work have opened up many opportunities for her, and she continues to inspire and bring joy to her audience with her amazing videos. Sariiox’s achievements are a testament to her dedication and passion for what she does.

Sariiox Legacy and Impact

Sariox has left a lasting legacy in the world of TikTok and beyond. Her impact is felt by millions of people, especially children, who have been inspired by her talent, energy, and positivity. Sariox has shown us that dreams can come true with hard work and dedication.

She has used her platform to spread joy and kindness, encouraging her young fans to make a difference in their lives and the world. Sariiox’s legacy inspires us all that we can create a positive impact, no matter how young or small we may be.

Sariiox  Future plains

In the future, Sariiox plans to continue entertaining her audience and spreading joy through her TikTok videos. She wants to keep creating amazing content and bringing smiles to the faces of her fans.

Sariox also hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and positively impact the world, just like she has done.

With her infectious energy and talent, there’s no doubt that Sariiox’s future is bright. So stay tuned and keep watching her videos because she’s just starting! Who knows what amazing things she will accomplish next?

Sariiox Hobbies

  • Sariox has a lot of hobbies that she enjoys doing in her free time.
  • She loves dancing and often creates dance videos for her TikTok account.
  • Sariox also enjoys singing and sometimes shares videos of herself singing popular songs.
  • She is a big fan of animals and enjoys spending time with her pet puppy, Luna.
  • Sariox loves playing sports, especially basketball and soccer. She often posts videos of herself playing these sports with her friends.
  • She enjoys reading books, especially fantasy and adventure novels.
  • Sariox also likes spending time with her family and friends, going out, and having fun together.
  • In her spare time, she likes to try new activities and learn new skills, such as painting and cooking.
  • Sariiox’s hobbies reflect her energetic and creative personality, and she always finds joy in trying new things.

Sariiox Favourite thing

  • Sariox has so many favorite things that make her happy!
  • Her favorite color is pink because it’s bright and cheerful.
  • Sariiox loves dancing and making TikTok videos, and it’s her favorite thing to do!
  • She enjoys singing along to her favorite songs, especially pop music.
  • Sariox is a big animal lover; her favorite animal is a puppy.
  • She enjoys playing sports like basketball and soccer with her friends.
  • Sariox also loves reading adventure books and getting lost in exciting stories.
  • Spending time with her family and friends is one of her favorite things, whether going on fun outings or hanging out together.
  • Trying new things like painting and cooking is another of Sariiox’s favorite hobbies.
  • With so many favorite things, Sariiox’s life is filled with joy and happiness!

Interesting facts about Sariiox 

  • Sariiox’s favorite food is pizza. She loves the cheesy goodness and can never resist a slice.
  • She is an avid traveler and loves exploring new places. Sariiox’s dream destination is Paris, where she wants to see the Eiffel Tower.
  • Sariox is a big fan of superhero movies, and her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.
  • She loves the strength and courage that Wonder Woman represents.
  • She enjoys painting and considers it a form of therapy. Sariox loves to express herself through art and often creates beautiful paintings in her free time.
  • Sariox is a bookworm and loves reading. Her favorite book series is Harry Potter, and she dreams of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • She has a secret talent for playing the guitar. Sariox has been practicing for years and can play some of her favorite songs.
  • Sariox is also a great cook and loves experimenting with new recipes.
  • Her signature dish is spaghetti carbonara; she loves sharing her culinary creations with her family and friends.


What is Sariiox’s favorite color?

Sariiox’s favorite color is pink! She loves everything pink, from her clothes to her room decor. Pink makes her feel happy and brings out her bubbly personality.

How did Sariiox become famous on TikTok?

Sariox became famous on TikTok by creating entertaining videos that captured the hearts of millions. Her energetic dance moves and funny lip-syncs gained her a huge following.

Does Sariiox have any pets?

Yes, Sariox has a cute little puppy named Luna. Luna is a golden retriever and is Sariiox’s best friend. They love playing together and going on long walks.

How does Sariiox come up with ideas for her videos?

Sariox gets her inspiration for her videos from various sources. Sometimes, she gets ideas from popular trends on TikTok, while other times, she comes up with unique ideas.

an I meet Sariiox in person?

Sariox loves meeting her fans, but unfortunately, she can’t meet everyone in person. However, she does her best to connect with her fans through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Is Sariiox planning on releasing any merchandise?

Yes, Sariox has plans to release her merchandise soon! She wants to create fun and trendy products that her fans can enjoy. Whether clothing, accessories, or stickers, Sariiox wants her merchandise to reflect her vibrant personality and make her fans feel part of her journey.

How can I become TikTok famous like Sariiox?

Becoming TikTok famous takes time, dedication, and creativity. Sariiox’s advice is to be yourself and create content you enjoy and are passionate about. Consistency is key, so post regularly and engage with your audience.


So there you have it; all you need to know about the amazing TikTok star, Sariiox! She is a talented and energetic social media influencer who has captured the hearts of millions with her entertaining videos.

From her early life and education to her career and philanthropic endeavors, Sariiox has shown us that dreams can come true with hard work and dedication.

She spreads positivity and joy through her content, inspiring young fans to follow their dreams and positively impact the world. So watch for Sariiox because her future is bright and full of exciting things to come!

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